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February 11, 2011

My neighbors

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Someone asked me yesterday if I had pictures of “kronhjort” (also known as red deer, or for Americans, something similar to elk).  Of course I do!  They’re my neighbors!  (OK, I don’t photograph my human neighbors, but they don’t come by so often, and they might think it was weird.  If my four-legged neighbors are uncomfortable being photographed, they haven’t mentioned it.)

kronhjort/red deer in mist

red deer fawn, red deer buck

red deer sharing the same bush

red deer bucks

frost-covered deer hair on barbed wire

Even if you don’t see the deer themselves, there’s always plenty of evidence that they’re around.  This is a picture of deer hair caught on a barbed-wire fence.  It’s more likely to be hair from roe-deer, since they tend to go under the fences, than from red-deer who go over, but I like this picture so much that I thought I’d share it here anyhow.


January 15, 2011

Good continuation!

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In Sweden, people wish each other a good continuation of the holiday season.  It’s time to eat the gingerbread house and put away the decorations now, but the sentiment still applies.


With all this snow, I haven’t been so inclined to leave the house so often, but I’ve managed to get some nice pictures even through my windows.  This forest dwelling bird is a “nötskrika”, Garrulus glandarius.


kronhjort i snö

Windows are also useful for jumping out when snowdrifts block the doors.

jumping out the window

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