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February 25, 2011

Baltic Ice

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Yesterday was one of those beautiful sunny and snowy days.  It had been well below freezing for several days, so I was itching to go look for ice along the Baltic coast.  I went down to Ystad and was rewarded with a beautiful sight, but it sure was cold.  The wind made it absolutely bitter cold to the extent that I had trouble using my fingers enough to operate my camera.  I was there for only half an hour total, but I got some good shots.

ice covered plant

ice covered breakwater

frozen beach, Ystad

frozen beach and ice covered rocks, Ystad

ice formations on the rocks, Ystad

ice on the rocks, Ystad

cold beach houses, Ystad


October 21, 2010

Sign of Winter

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This is a sign that winter is here: leaves are frozen to my car after a night of sleet and snow.



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