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August 31, 2011

Reflections in wedding portraits

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I love photographing reflections and the way the subject can be distorted to give an impressionistic feel.  I also love the layering you can get with the reflection, the surface itself, and sometimes even something under the surface.  After studying leading lines and reflections at the parking structure, David Beckstead‘s workshop continued at Strömstad Spa‘s reflecting pool.  By now, we were seeing architectural lines and reflections everywhere.

reflections in windows

David also talked about looking for the shot between the shots–those fantastic candid moments that happen when people think they’re done posing.  I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at getting those shots, and I got a few good ones during the workshop too.

reflections at the marina

The reflecting pool by the marina was much more the type of location that I would expect for wedding portraits, so I couldn’t resist taking what I consider to be the classic image.

bride & groom at the reflecting pool

The reflecting pool was also a great place to study architectural elements and leading lines.

bride and groom reflected

Then I noticed that the combination of the reflection and the rocks at the bottom of the pool was even more interesting.  I got out my polarizing filter and played a bit with that.

light, water, love, and stones

The thing about reflections, should I turn them right-side-up when displaying them?  I think that might work better so long as the original subject is not included.

reflections in wedding portraits


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