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August 21, 2011

Want to make the moment last? Think big!

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This weekend I was happy to deliver the last of the order from the grand reopening that I photographed in the spring.  The customer was so impressed by the digital images I delivered shortly after the three-day event last spring that he ordered both photo books and collages to share those images.

I made the collages from my favorite images and had them printed on canvas and stretched on frames.  They turned out really impressive, but big.  So big that they weren’t going to fit in my normal car.  Luckily they would fit in my husband’s car, and I had the chance to borrow it on Saturday.

Stephan with collageCollage on Canvas

Here are some pictures of me picking the collages up at the framer, Ramgården in Lövestad.  I just can’t say enough how impressed I am with Stephan who does all my framing.  I was expecting him to help me carry the stuff out to my car, but because it was a really windy day, he moved his own car and had me back into his garage so that the wind wouldn’t catch the canvases like sails.  Fortunately it wasn’t nearly as windy at Mårtenssons Bil in Hörby, so unloading was not a problem.

My customer seemed thrilled with the results, and that always makes my day.


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